Counselling and the Way I Work

All of us over the course of our lifetimes will experience distress, destructive and sometimes repetitive behaviours we don’t want, relationship difficulties and potentially great loss. During these times it can sometimes be difficult for others in our life to respond in a helpful way. This can sometimes create a situation where it is difficult to genuinely talk about what is troubling us with those around us.

Counselling can offer a helpful way out of this isolation.

It can feel a like a weighty decision about whether to have counselling and who to choose. People may be prompted by a specific reason to start looking for a counsellor. These reasons can include: dealing with a loss, relationship difficulties, addiction, stress, anxiety, mood dysregulation, depression, illness, communication difficulties, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, problems with assertiveness, issues around sexuality, gender issues, life transitions, struggling with meaning in life, identity issues, work – life balance, self-sabotage and repetitive self-destructive behaviour, addressing PTSD, living with ongoing difficulties around past emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

It can also be the case that matters are not so clear. Counselling can allow the time and space to work out what is troubling you. To provide a relationship focused on understanding you as a person.

I have been trained as an Integrative Counsellor. My training included the main models of counselling and psychotherapy – the Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural and the Psychodynamic. This enables me to offer a helping relationship that is flexible and informed.

The Humanistic tradition is my main influence. In short, to me this means creating a non-judgemental relationship, understanding that you are the expert on you, creating a space where you feel understood. To work in collaboration with you so that you can discover and enact creative solutions that suit your unique self and life.

I offer brief and longer-term counselling. I believe both have a valuable place and it will be a part of the work for us to figure out what is best and what is feasible for you now.

I have a long-standing practice and interest in mindfulness meditation. Where it feels relevant and helpful I can offer to make this part of the work.

I do sometimes also incorporate hypnotherapy into my work, when there is a shared understanding that it may assist in the direction of the counselling. However, please note that I do not offer hypnotherapy on its own for behavioural changes such as stopping smoking.

I am happy to have a no obligation phone conversation to discuss us potentially working together.